Fall Demo 2011

by Icon & Anchor




released 16 September 2011


tags: metal St Louis


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Icon & Anchor St Louis, Missouri

We are Icon & Anchor; a young yet steadily growing heavy, technical metal band from St. Louis, MO. Be on the lookout for new music, tour dates, and more!

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Track Name: War Machine
"War Machine" Lyrics:

On the edge
Anybody could see this coming
I'm running on empty
Your words are rotting in doubt
I suggest you try to keep my fucking name out of your mouth

Now watch your world decay
Your self righteous ways are fucking smothering me
War on the horizon
Tell them to come find me
Until then I'll be waiting

Darker now
Than it's ever been
Hold me down with the chains of the wicked
Darker now
Take a look at yourself
You can't run and there's no way out

Tomorrow never comes until it's too late
Over and over my words are enough to shake your center

In the end
Your true colors show
Witness the terror of being alone

This is the process of elimination and suffering
Never again will I let someone in
And take control of me

Now is the time to ignite or expire
Pull back the mask
Expose the liar

When i say burn the exit
There will be nothing left
Your whole world
Rotting from inside out

Taking a life takes fragile time
And I'm not wasting mine
Pull the fucking plug
Track Name: Supreme Being
I've brought myself to this
the tides are frozen
mouth wide open, you slide like a serpent

I've been begging to be released
I'm now an apparition coping with the realization

I will never see the light of day
this pit is where I'll spend eternity
this is when he spreads his wings

I've seen what you are in the dark
I've seen you wretched spark before
ripped apart, you've spared no one
you've torn your way through opposition

my day of judgement swiftly approaches

I can feel it shaking up and down my spine
ready and willing, soon I'll get what I deserve

under his wings I fall
beneath the shadows

I have no more life to live

drenched in pain and regret
I can hear the sounds of the surface

soon I'll become a creature of the night
slowly spilling his disease
I can taste the sulfur
sinking through my twitching tongue

clenching my throat in darkness
he will do whatever it may take
what I would give to surface
what I would give to breath life
for one more day

this black hole is getting blacker
and has become my home
I'm well aware the darkest night is approaching
as he approaches his dark throne
Track Name: Idle Eyes
I put the fucking cracks in your foundation
I said it before and I'll say it again
This is the pain of separation
These structures will crumble
We'll burn in the end

It just makes it easier
To live and die this way
With every passing hour
I fear that the darkness
Will carry me away

I've stayed strong in every way
And now you're starting to cave in
I guess that's just the price you pay
For even thinking this could end
And when the world around you crumbles
You'll wish you never even knew my name

The absence of light
These are the eyes of a psychopath"

My blood runs cold
This is where I stand
I haven't moved and inch

I know I will
Die looking for that hand to hold
I understand this
So fuck the world and stand alone


We are the denizens
Of a brutal and brash reality

Truth is
I despise your existence

Idle eyes see nothing
There's nothing left to see
Though time heals nothing
There's nothing left for you to fucking say to me

And bury me alive
Under the weight of humanity

This satisfaction is the death of my desire

This world is now my own creation
I will not give up my reign

Set it off

No heroes
No crowns
Just a man surrounded by lights and sounds